Sunday, August 10, 2008

United Nations Interfaith Special Session Application

UN Interfaith Special Session Mediator-Advisor

My Application for mediator, moderator, and advisor for the special session called for by the World Conference of Civilizations in Madrid in July 2008

July 23, 2008

Dear Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon and President Bush;

Re: Request to be advisor for interfaith-conference - UN special session, etc.

The arrest of the Bosnian leader and pictures of him and his war-time commander doing the sign of the cross is just a reminder of the root cause of genocides and conflicts. Until we recognize that there are spiritual laws in force in the world as well as natural laws of gravity etc. we will continue with violence and conflicts of various types.

To the credit of Saudi King Abdullah, a 3 day World Conference of Civilizations in Madrid, Spain beginning July 18, 2008 made it clear that different faiths and nations recognize a need for purification of their faith and understanding to avoid "a clash of civilizations." Their holy books are the very tools needed to do this. The conference ended with a call for a UN special session.
I am a woman almost 64 years old with a special call of God in my life. I believe you will find my unique qualifications to be the singular requirement to fulfill a position of advisor or moderator-mediator to bring the divisions to an end to the satisfaction of all. I need no title or compensation.

The leader of future conferences, by the UN or others, requires someone who can see all sides and all religions equally and impartially. A leader that can affect change must be one who can recognize errors and encourage correction of errors in understanding the word of God to prophets of each religion. No further laws would be required since their holy books are laws for protection and wisdom.

My qualifications:
My articles written at, some for Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting show the relationship of the word of God and solutions for world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.
Subjects include Iraq War, Middle East including Lebanon, HIV/AIDS, Congo, Darfur, Environment, US Elections, and Economy:

I am sending copies of this letter to religious contacts for many faiths. Many I have written to for years. It will be their responsibility to inform you of agreement or disagreement; but be aware, the decision is yours.

God Bless You,

Marie Devine
3023 Montgall Ave
Kansas City, Mo. 64128-1527 USA

(011) 1-816-84103341

Google marie devine divine-way to see how to respond to news articles, etc.
God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

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